Thin, Brittle, Mile and Age of Decent – available now as novels and eBooks

By katharine

October 27, 2020

The research I did for both Age of Descent and Thin, Brittle, Mile came directly from the stories of people who’ve lived the lives of the characters in both books.  Young people who’ve been bullied, been bullies, been caught up in both sides of the knife crime problems.  Veterans, who’ve been to war, for us, for their country, but then had to fight their worst battles on their return home.

When I first yearned to be a writer, it was as the writer of novels, but fate intervened.  And, as so often happens, fate taps you on the shoulder and calls you a different way, many times through life and you find yourself back where you started from.  Nearly all the teenagers who helped with the research for the screenplay of Age of Descent told me they wanted it as a book after reading the script they helped to create.  

In conjunction with The World Writers Showcase and the AudioMovies for Thin, Brittle, Mile and Age of Descent, both stories can also be found as newly completed novels. 

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