Sanity is very rare. Every man almost, and every woman, has within them a dash of madness. An aura of mesmerizing evil hangs over mid-winter central London in the guise of “the Twilight Strangler” a particularly insidious serial killer who’s busy strangling professional women on their way home from work during the city’s fading light hours.

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The Blood of an Englishman

You are cordially invited to Dominic and Jonah’s for an evening of fun and games. When mild-mannered young Jonah Carmichael accidentally kills his lover, recently successful reality TV Star Dominic de Ban, in a drastically out of character violent turn with only hours to go before family and friends and a TV crew arrive for a celebratory dinner party/PR opportunity he makes a desperate call for help to the person he feels best equipped to explain the unintentional nature of Dominic’s death to the police – some time family friend and eminent surgeon – the ostentatious Dr Adam Knightly – a man...

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A Photograph

You’ve got to see the whole picture if you really want to know what’s going on. Revelling in the delights of recently being made the youngest partner at his firm, high-octane and ambition young lawyer Charlie Sweeney accompanies his nightmare of a best friend, and would be photojournalist, Kane Geary, into inner London’s midnight underworld on a misguided attempt at snapping up the urban misery and human decay.

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Sex in Strange Places

Denying any woman what’s rightfully hers must surely be a crime Elaine Dexter, Maisie Huntington and C.J. Magee, three former college friends and roommates, reunite for the funeral of a fourth, Edward Buchanan, after he falls victim to a notorious pair of serial killers currently at large in town and known to locals as the Georgia Barracudas, so named because of their grim habit of snipping off a finger from each victim while still alive.

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Aversion Therapy

There is no cure for some crimes. It is a time when the immeasurably burgeoning crime rate has driven the city straight to hell. The epidemically overcrowded prison system has long passed emergency levels and meant the drastically early release of even the most habitual and dangerous offenders.

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A Choir of Men and Boys

All men die. Not all men truly live It is a time of civil unrest and bitter conflict in Britain. A radical new government has pushed through some inordinately controversial new legislation causing vast rifts among the people and a nation so divided it borders on anarchy. The eruption of this tumultuousness is mainly due to the new government’s reintroduction of Capital Punishment.

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