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By katharine

October 27, 2020

Some stories find you.

Perhaps on the flip side to writer’s block, there are some stories that nag at you, gnaw away, chewing up your creative insides until they come spilling out into the universe.


You feel daunted before you put pen to paper or fingers on a keyboard, but once they start and begin to flow, they cascade out as if from another world entirely.

And yet, despite the monumental force of nature that is their birth, our industry, at times, can seem unmotivated to help us tell the stories which matter, which dig deep under our nation’s skin and hold a mirror up to what is really going on.

Of course, there is a market for cheap horror, torture porn and zombies, these films sell units and film is a business. Of course, it’s understandable that the bankable actors and filmmakers should be the go-to choice for films made from successful novels, TV shows, video games, remakes, but what about the rest of us, trying determinedly to do our bit?  What about the great Ken Loach dramas, the mighty films of old? Is there no longer a need for powerful film to be one of the great forms of storytelling? No place for it in the creative arts?

Infused with a belief that there very much is a place and a need and the knowledge that some filmmakers would rather make films for charity than not make them at all, we present ‘Age of Descent’ and its accompanying ‘Youth Anthem’ a charity single designed to get the project into the public conscious and bring a story about knife crime, one of the most harrowing and increasingly overlooked issues affecting our youth to life.

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